Specifications in apartments and villas in prestige city

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Prestige City Sarjapur: Specification


Prestige City Sarjapur houses are the perfect blend of upscale Interiors, finest specifications and modern exteriors. Located at the prime location of Bangalore the features architectures of the Prestige City houses are just what any home buyer could look for. We do understand that the houses our buyers expect should match their lifestyle and quality of living and considering the same the construction of the prestige city is all set to impress the buyers. All the construction will have developed compliance with the rules norms and guidelines decided by the government.

Prestige City Quality

The Prestige City Sarjapur builders are all set to bring a quality living experience to the buyers. Other than the remarkably impressive architecture the Prestige City also has beautiful landscapes and astonishing designs. We have a great team of 1000 + Prestige employees working for the Welfare of the customer's and all are focused to create durable properties. They are the ones who are the experts in the field of architecture and designing and hence the result they create is amazing.

We offer revolutionary support and customer satisfaction to our investors with the guarantee that all the materials used in the construction and manufacturing of the Prestige City infrastructure are of fine quality. The textiles used for the built-up of the flooring, bathroom fittings, quality of wood in the doors, windows roofing and paints are of high quality.

We never let our customers compromise even on the few things when it comes to the eminence of the material used in the construction of the Prestige City Sarjapur housing. The houses are designed considering the safety of the residence. We have also kept in mind the modern techniques that eventually enhance the quality of the structure.

As compared to the other project the maintenance of the Prestige City Sarjapur houses is lower as the quality of the products used in the construction are sufficiently higher. We never compromise the quality of the project on the time taken for its completion. We are bound to provide our customers with their possession at the mentioned time.

Fittings and Fixtures in Prestige City

All the houses belonging to Prestige city are Vastu compliant. The houses are also well protecting with elevated windows and to provide the residents with well-ventilated homes it comes with attached balconies. We have also provided the buyers with a well-fitted kitchen, bathroom fittings, utility fittings, indoor and outdoor paint and a well-accessorised master bedroom matching the urban standards. The design compliments the elite livelihood whether your habitat is small, medium or large.

Toilet and Balcony: Our houses are also equipped with anti-skid ceramic tiles in the balconies and toilets to make sure the protection of the residents. Hot and cold water mix outlets are provided for all toilets and basins.

Kitchen Fitting: We also offer our buyers an already fitted granite countertop and attached stainless steel sink for the kitchen. You will also be getting hot and cold water mixture outlets for the water heater and water purifier. Windows Fitting: Aluminium windows with provision for mesh, aluminium ventilators for toilets.

Electrical Fitting: The wiring facility of the Prestige City Sarjapur houses will include fire-resistant copper wires, earth leakage circuit breaker, concealed and modular switches for light points, facility would be provided. The telephone point will be provided in the master bedroom and living room. AC points will also endow the buyers within the living room and master bedroom. We will also provide a TV Point in the living room & master bedroom.

Paint: The outer walls will be painted with durable exterior texture paints and the internal walls are painted with oil bound distemper colours.

Other important constructions: The customers are provided with the facilities of the smart waste management system and rainwater harvesting to keep up with the environment.

Why Prestige City is the preferred location for Kids Growing Up

If you are willing to acquire a property at the Prestige City Sarjapur and are worried whether it is built as per the children's obligations or not then we have good news for you. Considering the fact that the parents are very much sensitive to the requirements of their children all the designs and constructions of the Prestige City housing fits the children's necessities. We have designed suitable places for the children to utilize their energy and enhance their creativity.

The Prestige City houses come with the amenities like a sports court for various sports like cricket and basketball, clubhouses and many more. We also have amenities like specialised barbecues their children can utilise their cooking creativity to cook exams the girls and much more and make the best of their party time.

Greenery: Considering the importance of greenery for the development of the young we have provided above the green arena that improves the attention of the children's by providing them with fresh air.

Parks and Play zone: Here, you will get green parks for the kids to play and make the most of their time. The play zones for the kids are great when it comes to helping them learn new sports and improve their motor skills. We have clubhouses equipped with swimming pools, yoga decks, badminton courts, gaming arcades and much more to help your kids grow.

Security: When it comes to housing we cannot underestimate the security and hand the prestigious fitting housing is 24*7 CCTV surveillance which provides your children's with a secure playing environment. Places like Roads, parks and the street from where the kids will be boarding the school buses are fully secured by CCTV cameras.

Socialization: Considering the future success of the children we have also provided them with layouts to enhance their socialization skills. The places like park and sitting arrangements which has already made available, make it easy for kids to go ahead and explore themselves by getting connected with other kids to understand the importance of learning and staying in a community altogether.