Other amenities and facilities at prestige city


Prestige Great Acres Plots are an opulent township estate with an 80-acre plot of land. Acres Plots are built by the prestigious Prestige Group, in the township with 808 excellent plots. Prestige city is a continuation of Prestige's vast acres. Prestige City is a great township with 180+ acres of land and numerous housing options including flats, villas, and plots (Prestige Great Acres).

Plots are the most popular property category among Indians. The term "land" has a special meaning for us. Land investments have been regarded as the greatest and safest investment for decades. Bangalore is the most popular destination for investors. As a result, several builders and properties are rapidly evolving. In the real estate market, a new trend has emerged. That is fusion or a mash-up of dwelling styles. Many people prefer to acquire a well-developed township property because of the convenience, comfort, and pride it provides.

More than 808 plots are available at moderate prices in this attractive planned neighborhood. The township has been designed to make the most of the available area. As a result, all of the plots are well-lit and well-ventilated.

Prestige Great Acres will provide investors with perfectly proportioned plots, which will be a great comfort. The most common sizes are




1200 30 x 40 Sold Out
1650 33 x 50 Sold Out
1980 33 x60 Sold Out
2400 40 x 60 Sold Out
3000 50 x 60 Sold Out
4000 50 x 80 Sold Out

This Prestige Great acre is RERA approved. The property's structure is well-designed, with top-notch amenities. The amenities in Prestige Great Acres are stunning, with everything from a swimming pool to water bodies to a gymnasium. The property's 20+ rich facilities are incorporated within the property's magnificent acres. There are separate swimming pools for adults and children.

Buyers of these plots will get a wonderful combination of comfort, elegance, and lifestyle. Prestige Great Acres Plots offers a wide range of facilities for residents of all ages. Gardens, a jogging track, a futsal court, and an Amphitheatre are all part of this well-designed community. The facility is meant to provide its occupants with everything they need.

Master Plan

In Prestige Great Acres Plots, there are a total of 3 entry and exit gates. The Prestige Great Acres Plots is planning a large clubhouse. There are sewage treatment plant (STP) units that have their section.

The Prestige Great Acres' civic facilities get dispersed across the site. At several points throughout the project, the park and open areas are also generously planned. The spine road has been built for maximum efficiency. The lovely Sarjapur Lake is located on one side of the property.

The plots are well-planned, with wide roads and paths. In the property, there are a variety of larger internal roads, including as

  • ● 9*12m
    ● 10*15m
    ● 10*18m
    ● 12*18m
    ● 15*24m


Bangalore, India's garden city, has experienced a large influx of individuals from all across the country over the years. Many international corporations and entrepreneurs prefer to conduct their operations there. Bangalore city extends a helping hand and welcomes all aspiring professionals to settle down. As a result, this prospective city is broadening its boundaries to accommodate the newcomers. People in Bangalore are comfortable purchasing houses on the outskirts of the city since there are several projects taking place there. There are several IT corridors and connecting roads on the fringes of the city that link to the city's other IT corridors. As a result, residing on the outskirts of town does not disappoint them in the least. All necessities are readily available, and getting to the city's key attractions is a breeze.

The apartment culture is new to those moving from other parts of the state and interstate. Even though Bangalore is packed with high-rise buildings, many visitors are unfamiliar with the culture.

The Prestige Great Acres Plots project at Sarjapur Road will fulfill all of the investors' needs and be a very profitable property. It is ideal for those seeking a high rate of return on their investment.

A benefit of purchasing houses in the outskirts is that they are more cheap, modern, and pleasant, with more leisure, entertainment, and recreational options. These ultra-luxurious amenities may be found in nature and solitude.

Advantages of Sarjapur Road

These Prestige Great Acres Plots include many IT parks, IT firms, and other sectors, therefore, it's a great place to work.

Sarjapur Road's general environment makes for a nice and serene existence.

Sarjapur Road's trend revolves around connectivity. Because the city has numerous built roadways, such as the Outer Ring Road, state and national highways link most of the city's districts flawlessly.

Sarjapur Road's infrastructure is superb, thanks to well-known schools, clinics, banks, retail malls, game arenas, and more.

The inexpensive housing is a primary element that attracts many individuals from outside the area to invest here.


Prestige Great Acres is an East Bangalore mixed-use residential and business complex. Prestige Great Acres will provide you and your family with various alternatives to make your leisure time more pleasurable and productive. When you reside in a township, security is paramount; each tower will be equipped with CCTV.

Amenities are the central necessity for making township decisions. Exclusive elements in development give value to a real estate investment. Apartments with views of the facilities are preferred by homebuyers. It will always be more expensive since it is recreational and has more open space.



Community Amenities 1. Club House
2. Outdoor Court
Health & Fitness 1. Gymnasium
2. Swimming Pool
3. Jogging Track
Life Style 1. Table Tennis
2. Party Area
3. Kids Play Area
4. Spa
5. Games Room
6. Garden