Details about indoor amenities and outdoor in prestige city

Other amenities and facilities at prestige city

The Prestige City Amenities

The prestige city Sarjapur is the perfect blend of smart housing and great amenities. Here you get both housing and commercial infrastructures. We offer a no-compromise policy for our clients and that is why the amenities and other useful facilities you can expect from us are beyond your expectations.

Why look for amenities?

When it comes to offering quality life to the residents, amenities play a remarkable role. Whenever someone shows interest in a property, amenities are what they look for. That involves whether the property location has proper road connectivity, how close it is to the highway, malls, hospitals, gyms, gardens at a small distance. The qualities of the school’s surroundings are also important when it comes to judging a property depending upon its amenities. The property gets added advantage when it is near the IT hub and Prestige City is just a few kilometres from one of the largest IT hubs in India. Even the facilities available at the property location also plays a remarkable role in grabbing the attention of the buyers.

With the increasing traffic and importance of time, having social structures nearer to the property makes a lot of difference for the buyers so as to make the buyers show interest in purchasing the property. Also in terms of financial investment properties with strong amenities are always the ones that catch the eye of the investors.

Why Choose The Prestige City Sarjapur?

The 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK homes and Villas of Prestige City Sarjapur provides all the necessary amenities to its buyers. The infrastructure is surrounded by great malls, hospitals, schools, gyms, gardens and IT hubs and all of these are enough to catch the attention of potential investors. All of these nearer social structures make it easier for the residents to cope with the increasing traffic and hence save their time.

Some Amenities of Prestige City Sarjapur:

Prestige city is flourished with multiple outdoor amenities like

  • • Tennis pitch,
    • Football ground,
    • Basketball court,
    • Cricket pitch,
    • Yoga/Aerobics deck
    • Children play area

The indoor amenities of Prestige city Sarjapur includes

  • • Badminton courts,
    • Creche,
    • Table tennis,
    • Party hall,
    • Health club,
    • Spa,
    • Squash courts,
    • Gaming room,
    • Pharmacy space,
    • Library,
    • Swimming pools,
    • Supermarket and many more.

Even the necessary social structures nearer to the Prestige City Sarjapr include:

  • • Hospitals
    • Shopping Malls
    • Educational Institutions
    • IT hub
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels

In simpler words, we can say that Prestige City has something or everything for everyone.

We do understand the importance of environmental conversation and hence we took a significant step in saving our environment by building smart facilities for our residents. Other than the above-mentioned amenities, the Prestige City Sarjapur also offers many facilities to the residents to let them live in a sustainable environment:

  • • Central Command System: This place is specially designed to manage or coordinate all the components of the Prestige City. It key functions of the central command system include the smart electricity grid to provide the residents with a complete metered electricity supply. The best part of this system is you can monitor it sitting at your home by using a mobile application. • Home Security Management: We offer our residents high-end security systems like video analytics for access system, access only for the authorised person, round the clock surveillance, phone alarm, 90 days archive for retrospection inspection, surveillance of the common area for children and elders security and safety. • Water Management System: We offer 24*7 water supplies to our residents, in build strainer, automatic water leakage detection and 24*7 complaint management. We also offer rainwater harvesting, supply networks, water treatment plants. • Solid Waste Management: As a major step towards a sustainable environment, we also have an organic waste management system to make the best use of the garbage generated by the residents. • Cooking Gas Management: We offer covered piped gas, which is easy to maintain and check usage. The residents will be provided with online bills that can be paid online. We have smart leakage detection facilities which make the cooking gas usage convenient for the users.

All these features of Prestige city Sarjapur helps it sand out and come up as the first preference for the home buyers.


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